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Judges and court staff make a salary, so they are not incentivized by dragging matters out. Settling the matter of the day allows everyone to go home (for that day), so that's nice for them.

Exactly, they are paid the same regardless of settlement, adjournment, or a protracted hearing. Adjournments (which unnecessarily happen way too often IMHO) get them out the door the fastest. If their salary was dependent on metrics like cases resolved, a normal metric in many professions, then there would be an incentive to move things along. Judges and court staff aren’t the ones struggling without CS for years, or not seeing their kids for months; so getting the cases resolved within days is not considered urgent - when it should be.

The current system is done too much chronology ...”we see cases in order of appointment”, when there should be a triage system akin to emergency departments. “You need to see your kid - you go first, you need money for CS, you go next, this is your 14th motion for adjournment? We won’t hear you and the trial starts tomorrow”.
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