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Originally Posted by iona6656 View Post
I'm not sure what your options are in terms of getting him to comply when it looks like he won't.

Will it be the *worst* thing if you miss your holiday with them? if not. I would not die on this hill and spend tons of money trying to "win" this battle. Instead, I would send correspondence and let him know that you're really disappointed with his decision to not follow your agreement. That this really hurts the kids because they're missing another holiday with their mom.

Basically- write it like a judge is going to be reading this at trial and think "what a dick".

I have already accepted they will be missing it. Iím just wondering how I can include it in the SC brief to show he has now done this twice... he is blatantly ignoring a binding separation agreement that is filed with the courts. Yet if I were to do this with any aspect of it boom I am denying access and with holding the kids.

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