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IMO, if reverting to the order gives you more time I would say HELL YES, subject to some reasonable alterations in pickup/dropoff times to accommodate school hours. I would leave out your schedule as part of the reason for the alteration of the times, simply because as soon as it becomes something that is a benefit for you they obviously won't agree. Just do what you can to negotiate the times that will work as best as they can for you, without saying it is for your benefit. If you need after school care to accommodate the new times, so be it and just make the arrangement.

Ignore the new spouse. Yes, they may be the source of the new power struggle, but there is nothing you can do about that. Sending letters about this and that only confirms that it bothers you and creates further animosity. Essentially you are telling them it bothers you, and gets them all pissed off and they do it more. Ignore them, they aren't worth your time.

If I were you, and this new schedule works around school, I would see if I could get all exchanges to be done at school ie. you drop off in the morning and they pick up at the end and vice versa.

Unfortunately for you, you didn't get the changes you and your ex had been working with in an order or written agreement form. So if they want to go back to the order, you are kinda screwed until you can either a) negotiate a new agreement or b) get a new order, one that is updated for the child's school schedule. If you have evidence of the ex agreeing to the prior changes in email or text etc., that would make some solid evidence that the changes were made and that her unilateral change back to the order was unwarranted.
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