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Thanks Janus. I will agree ... if I would have known me going to the change room would have had the outcome it did. I would not have gone. It was clearly out of concern for our son. It wasnít to control. Or make myself look better. My only concern was for my son to be able to play hockey the next day without pain. Guess I am naive that I didnít think it would have looked a different way. I got to my son first. Dad wasnít even there yet (also I am an assistant coach and I am allowed in the change rooms). When dad arrived I tried to speak to him in the hallway.... he forced me into the change room by pushing me out of the way... yes he kept saying excuse me.... but at the same time pushing me backwards with his body. I guess at that point I should have left. Not Knowing his version of things was going to be quite different. Lesson learned. Stay away. Which I always have done except for this one time out of concern for our son. Iím glad your able to be the bigger person with your ex. I am trying to get there by not responding to there crazy accusations or engaging in any sort of back and forth. I for 10 emails that weekend about this. I responded twice about pickup times. Anyways thanks for the input.

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