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Originally Posted by good_mom View Post
GF is not party to the agreement and not parent to the children, respond only to Dad e-mails that need a response. He choose to have her in his life, great but you are the parents to the kids.

Them going on about it crap=file= no response. You do not need to defend yourself.

Dad asking about anything for the kids, respond but remember, if they are not bleeding or in danger you can take 24hrs mins. to response. If its weeks away take 72hrs.

I Suggest Family Wisard.

Thank you goodmom. I have begged for family wizard. Lawyer wrote his lawyer suggesting it as well. Dad refuses. I am forced to email an email they is shared by him and girlfriend. Hisnamehername@. Well you get it. Most times it signed by them both. Which only validates my claim more that she is interfering. I have not checked their emails since thanksgiving. Itís been very nice to not have to see the vile accusations and silliness they send.

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