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Default Sporting Events on Non Custodial parents weekend.

Originally Posted by Janus View Post
Of course, why would I not?

Seems reasonable. If a child is hurt you go and comfort them.

Yes, I think this is overstepping. The change room stuff to me falls under "parenting activities", and unless you are invited I would not be intruding into that space.

Helping your child with an injury overrides parenting time considerations. Adjusting equipment does not.

"I had purchased"

Yes, I'm going to adjust the previous paragraph to say "massively overstepping". Buying the equipment does not give you any special rights. The fact that you felt it was necessary to point out in the forum that you had bought the equipment shines a big bright spotlight on the likely attitude you brought into that change room.

Others may disagree, and you can choose to listen to them, but the only thing you are going to get by helicoptering during the other parent's time is a world of acrimony and hurt that will eventually turn out poorly for your child.

Watch the game, let your kid know you are there. That is sufficient. Let the other parent do the parenting.

More Info Janus maybe will help. Maybe not. I was trying to be discrete. Child has orthotics in his shoes. Prescribed by a dr. Childís feet were hurting and he could barely skate. Child had no issue previous week when Mom tied his skates. I went down to see if child had the insoles in his skates. He did not. So I tried to explain to dad(who refused to come to the orthotics appointment he was invited to) that he needed the insoles in his skates... as dad refuses to listen or follow drís recommendations. So since my son had to play another hockey game that weekend I wanted to make sure my sons feet were not going to hurt again. Dad couldnít and wouldnít even speak to me regarding this issue and how we could fix it so our son wasnít in pain. Dads gf decided to be the hero the next day after his second game and went and purchased my son brand new skates. Took the expensive insoles I purchased and put them in the new skates. Completely wasted my money as I canít return the other skates that would have been perfectly fine if dad would have just put the insoles in them and not tied them so right And I am the bad one who interfered? Ok. Just another note. I never go down to the change room on his time any other time. This was his first weekend with dad at hockey this year. If dad actually wants shared custody maybe he should try communicating and making a decision on his own rather than deferring to his gf each time because dad has no balls. My son had to sit and watch dad ignore his mother and cause conflict. When all I was trying to do is make sure my son was not going to be in pain again. Dad had his skates tied so tight his foot was blue. Thx.

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