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Originally Posted by Mom 2 Two View Post
Do you attend your children’s activities on the other parents time?
Of course, why would I not?

My child was trying to wave down his parent and they were no where to be found. So I went to my kid to see if he was ok and what he needed.
Seems reasonable. If a child is hurt you go and comfort them.

After the practise I went down to change room to let other parent know our child needed an adjustment to his equipment. Am I overstepping ?
Yes, I think this is overstepping. The change room stuff to me falls under "parenting activities", and unless you are invited I would not be intruding into that space.

Helping your child with an injury overrides parenting time considerations. Adjusting equipment does not.

I was only trying to make sure the equipment I had purchased was being used correctly and showing needed adjustments.
"I had purchased"

Yes, I'm going to adjust the previous paragraph to say "massively overstepping". Buying the equipment does not give you any special rights. The fact that you felt it was necessary to point out in the forum that you had bought the equipment shines a big bright spotlight on the likely attitude you brought into that change room.

Others may disagree, and you can choose to listen to them, but the only thing you are going to get by helicoptering during the other parent's time is a world of acrimony and hurt that will eventually turn out poorly for your child.

Watch the game, let your kid know you are there. That is sufficient. Let the other parent do the parenting.
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