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"...Mother did in fact get sole custody - I never understood this whole "the father can motion to reverse a decisions he doesn't agree with " non sense. What ....mother makes a decision for surgery for the child and the father has to file a motion to be heard few months later to put back the child's tonsils that were taken out months ago? Or to de-inject a needle that was injected months ago ? Give me a f**cking break -- mom HAD sole custody. Now she's got nothing and I'm laughing. Spit in her face.

Restraining order against the father - really? Come on now Arabian. I am not even surprised given your posting history re: women's shelter homes...."

This is, indeed, a totally over-the-top post which seethes anger and pure hatred for women. If you can't control yourself then you should seek some form of intense counselling/therapy.

The bottom line is what happened to those children is very, very sad.