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Originally Posted by arabian View Post
Child murderers do not deserve any sympathy IMO

Father is a monster... if one can't deal with their problems then that is one thing but to take the life of children... it is unspeakable.

Only error here was that the mother didn't receive sole custody with a restraining order against the father. A very big error.
I disagree. The father has my full sympathy. I don't blame him at all given his situation - and completely blame the mother and our family law legal system - and the judge (for not giving him 50/50). I would love to see more of this when father's are denied 50/50. I do feel bad for the children but am sure they are happier now then they would have been in given the mizerable situation the judge setup for their father. If their father is being painted and setup as a criminal having to pay a price- then he might as well be one.

Mother is a monster - a control freak - and a golddigger - wants sole custody and limit fathers access and have child returned at 6:30 PM and full guideline child support. If the father is to be a monster - then he is a monster that was created by the mother and the judge.

Mother did in fact get sole custody - I never understood this whole "the father can motion to reverse a decisions he doesn't agree with " non sense. What ....mother makes a decision for surgery for the child and the father has to file a motion to be heard few months later to put back the child's tonsils that were taken out months ago? Or to de-inject a needle that was injected months ago ? Give me a f**cking break -- mom HAD sole custody. Now she's got nothing and I'm laughing. Spit in her face.

Restraining order against the father - really? Come on now Arabian. I am not even surprised given your posting history re: women's shelter homes.

God bless this father for making some noise and pushing for family law reform - not to cut fathers out right off the bat based on false and merit-less allegations of abuse solely intended to cut the father out - but to start with 50/50 right off the bat.

Father's actions were spontaneous given the judge's order for mom to have sole custody, and dad very limited access, and to pay an arm, a leg, and his spine for child support.

False allegations of abuse are a norm in family law, and can't automatically assumed to be true just because the father did something really bad after the fact. To be frank, a lot of us dad's here had some sort of bizzare FALSE alllegation thrown at us - wasn't LF32 accused of sticking his finger up his child's anus by mom and OCL or something like that ?

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