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Originally Posted by trinton View Post
Nowhere in the case did I see anything about or close to "shared custody". Love how the Media starts off the article by making it sound like everything was fair and square.

CTV article is same non sense:

Obvious BS to persuade judge to give mom sole custody and that sugar coated every other weekend mushmash screw job access to dad.

The judge did not award shared custody - the judge awarded mom custody and to dad very limited access -and a crazy amount of child support.

Only had the courts given the parents shared custody... and a chance for both parents to be fully and equally involved... and a chance for the children to be normal children with a normal non-mom-dictated schedule ..only if ...
A few corrections:

-Shared custody is defined as 35%, believe it or not. I know in Canada, the table amount is 40%, but the actual division of the children's time is 35%

-The mom had some serious concerns that the judge was very insouciant about and now two kids are dead. You're seriously blaming the mother for this?!

It is not up to the mother, or the judge, or anyone to make sure this father's head is screwed on straight nor is it their job to placate his ego with 50-50. There are many other 'margnialized' groups in this world with much worse circumstances who are not killing young children on Christmas Day.