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Default Is it better to wait?

Our lawyer contacted us for a settlement conference date. My husband told her that he would like to wait until the OCL has done their investigation and submitted their report..we just received notice 2 weeks ago they would become involved. His thinking is that going to a settlement conference ( which we would have to travel for and hire another lawyer in that city to represent us as sending our currently lawyer would cost a small fortune) is a waste of time. His ex still hasn't submitted any of the court ordered paperwork as instructed both last March and September. So really we aren't any further ahead than we were almost a year ago now.

But my thinking is even if we wait til we have the OCL reports we'll likely have to go back *at least* another time to give his ex yet another oppurtunity to present her 'evidence'.

The issues currently in front of the court are, spousal support, custody and visitation.

She currently has no lawyer, she did have representation through legal aid, but she failed to pay so her lawyer took her to court to cease representing her.

Any advice on how to proceed from here?