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Originally Posted by SynGreis View Post
i agree, the neglect and the incompentance that CAS has is unfathomable.

I'll tell you how bad it's getting: My ex had a letter from a CAS supervisor and a supervisor from Victim's Service (AKA the police- they do what the police tell them).

The Judge took the two letters, ripped them at the very first 30 seconds of the case and said- "now let's get down to the TRUE facts and get rid of these lies".
It was extreme what he did but both letters contained easy to dispel lies. He even told my ex that if those two org. and the police were serious they would have been in court to answer his questions. Since they didn't come he said it was all BS and "posturing".

Needless to say he then continued to verbally smacik both of us and we were both ordered to pay costs to the court. So go figure........
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