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I feel you. Believe me- I want to bash my head against my desk right now because my ex keeps promising to send a counter offer- at each goddamn co-parent counselling session- has been saying that since May.

The issue? Every time I say I won't agree to something now- e.g. midweek overnights, he turns around and says "well there's no point in sending an offer". Yes there is you idiot- it's called negotiating. It's his only play left.

But we have a SC scheduled for August 19. And we have two more 2-hr parenting plan/negotiating things set. I just have to keep playing nice as I move this to trial. It's infuriating- he won't file his taxes, I suspect because his CS is going to go up, etc etc...

But whatever, life goes on, right? I can't wait for this to resolve- so I'm going on vacation with D2.5 next week and then hopefully starting a better job in September.

I hope good things are happening in other areas of your life.
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