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Default The Wait Game Is REAL

So a quick update:

I got our TMC booked..... FOR BLOODY DECEMBER Closest date available for our trial management judge. Good grieffffff.

For anyone familiar with my case, I am currently receiving a very small minimal amount of CS based on less than minimum wage, signed off on in a temporary consent order 6 months ago, and no section 7ís at the moment (just forked out $800+ for summer camps so I can work). I without a doubt can get income imputed at $30,000, and I believe I would be successful getting it closer to $50,000, if this goes to trial.

I recently read somewhere on Canlii a case where the applicant brought a motion for an increase on interim support, and got shut down hard by the judge because a TMC or SC was booked and the judge didnít want to make any rash decisions with the conference looming.

Also, I am going back to school in September full time

**Begins pounding fists against wall**
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