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Another question, if anyone has an opinion?

This is all happening so fast. She requested us to see a lawyer/mediator last Friday and sent me what she will be seeking, which of course included the spousal support. I agreed we will see him and I replied with no problem with everything expect anything to do with the money.

I asked her to wait wait until our first meeting, just so I have an idea if I will be obligated to pay SS, which of course will affect the place I can look at renting, as I can not get a room with a daughter, ideally to have my daughter comfortable, a 2 bedroom apartment would be ideal. But because I don't know how much, if any, I would have to pay, so it will be harder to see what I can afford.

She just sent me an email now, 5 days after the mention of going for a separating agreement, and said she just signed a lease for April 1st.

My question here is, based on the information above and the other information I have to help my cause for no SS.....does it not show she is self sufficient if she can already sign a lease and move on?

She can't possibly budget expecting spousal support, that she may or may not be entitled to, and has clearly shown she can make it on her own having already signed a lease. That's pretty self sufficient.

Our lives won't change in the way we live. We have always, and i mean always, had our own bank accounts and took care of our own way of living.

Opinions please, would be greatly appreciated.
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