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Originally Posted by tugofwar View Post
Don't allow him to treat you like a door mat!!!! He just doesn't know what to do with you if you start speaking up. Just stay focused on your child, schedule and routine, offer things around that routine and if he can't deal with it or is making it hard, tell your lawyer.
Children need routine and consistency. It's a proven fact. Keep that and state that to him and if he demands anything more talk to your lawyer.
Its funny you say that, I dont even know how I am doing that and how to stop him from treating me like a door mat. I am so afraid to do anything. I am afraid that I might do something wrong and I will get in trouble by the courts. True about speaking up, he doesnt like that. he has said in our marraige "yuou just wont submit to your husband will you". I am trying to please him, and please the courts, please my daughter...... please, someone please me. lol.
I do stick by the routine and consistancy thing, that I have not veered from. Thank you. I think I will go to bed now.. Baby still nurses all night, every 2 hours or so...sweet ting... love her so much :'( Goodnight I'll be back tomorrow if there is more advice/comments. Thank you all for making my first post pleasant.