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Originally Posted by Tayken View Post
Someone on this forum helped with the cross examination questions and that file deeply. Post your questions in a thread and that person will probably help... hint hint hint.
Here are some of the thing I would have to cross exmine the Clinician on:

1. I said I did A. In Clinician's notes, it says I said I did B.
2. I said I did a, b, c, d, e, with children before seperation. In her report, Clinician says I said I did d only with children before seperation. However, after I disputed the report, Clinician added a, b, c and d knowning that there is proof I did a, b, c, d and e.
3. Clinician also cherry picked and sometimes made incorrect statements about what is in CAS and police report. Applicant said one thing to police and another to CAS but Clinician made it seem like Applicant said the same thing to CAS and police.
4. Clinician also reworded children's statements from CAS report that reflected Applicant in poor light.
5. I also provided some descrepency between Applicant's Court Proceedings and Police report to Clinician. Same information ended up with Applicant's lawyer before OCL provided clinician's notes to both parties.
6. Applicant's statements to CAS, OCL, Police and court show she is not being honest but clinician ignored it and believe everything she said even overriding what children had said to CAS.
7. Also, children's statements to OCL are questionable as she described some body language from children which he doesn't do.
8. and so on.

How do I show that what clinician is saying came from applicant, children and myself, didn't really come from these sources.
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