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Thanks LV...this is certainly a learning experience!

I emailed my lawyer to ask how the order was filed but am yet to hear back from her. I just received in the mail this morning a copy of the order!

It states the access agreement that was made in court but also says on line 4: This matter shall be heard before a Case Management Metting on Dec 6
and line 5 says: Leave is granted to file a consent order.

Since the court date on Nov 1 when I took ex in for interim hearing regarding access to son, we have also been seeing someone from the family court to help sort out access arrangement. I met with her today and she feels that I should have a great deal more access than what was agreed upon at the Nov 1st court hearing.

As ex's lawyer is saying that they are upset at the filing of the consent order because ex only agreed to "try" the arrangement and not be bound by it, I am now inclined to vacate that order because the mediator has told me this morning that I should be having MORE access that what was indicated in the consent order...which reflects the court date on Nov 1st. If we allow it to be vacated, then perhaps I could actually do better with my access times considering that the mediator is recommending it and will be present at the Case Conference on Dec 6th. Or can the order stay as it is and then be re-negotiated at the Case Conference?

SO much to learn!