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The grandparents would need a court order to use FRO. For this afaik they would need custody.

They won't get custody without it somehow involving your ex as respondent.

You are better off getting an order that the child is no longer under the charge of her mother. Append to the application for the order an affidavit from the grandparents that they have the child residing with them on a permanent basis (at least until she finishes school etc.) Include an affidavit that you are agreeing with the grandparents to pay an equal amount of support directly to them.

You would be sidestepping the issue of custody, essentially you are treating the daughter as an independant adult but agreeing privately to keep providing support. This would be necessary to get the grandparents onside, so they sign the affidavit of her residence with them.

This is just my personal opinion, I am not a lawyer.