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Default Referencing Proper Last Name?

Question for the Group:

My ex has always treated our child as "their" child only. Left me off the birth registration and did not reflect me in the name. Separation agreement has me added to the birth registration and changed name to a hyphenated last name. Separation agreement says the we are to use hyphenated last name as the identity of our child, etc.

Problem is that my ex and extended family only refer to their own last name and drop off finishing off the hyphenated last name. Both when verbally referencing our child's name, or when signing up our child for activities. My name last name is never reflected. So annoying, insulting, dismissive, etc.

Mentioning the situation to the other parent is like setting off an explosion, and then I have the finger pointed at me for having the nerve to bring it up, or suggesting that I am the one looking to cause trouble... Suggesting that I am making a deal out of nothing. Thoughts? I know its not something to go crying to a judge about. It is contempt of judge order though, but based on my story versus theirs and I recognize its not a battle to bring forward to a judge. Ex refuses much needed counseling to learn to co-parent or acknowledge me as a parent. Very frustrating...
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