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Question Separated and ex trying to sell our business

been separated since May this year... im in matrimonial home which i bought before our marriage and paid for most of it during the marriage... i am custodial parent he started a business before we married that was very small...during marriage his business grew ten fold...i worked at a full time job and also was our home business lawyer says both the home and business is owned by both of us so I cant sell the home without his permission and he cant sell the business without mine.....through our son, he is sending messages that he is going bankrupt and is attempting to sell business.....I think the bankruptcy hinting is a ploy but what Id like to make sure of is that he CANT sell the business without my permission.....he used to mention to me when we were together during better times that if he ever needed to he could feign bankruptcy and move his business under another name or numbered wondering if he can do this or if he is trying to do this if its legal