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My ex took me to court six times and none did she get what she wanted. Finally at trial I was more successful yet she got primary residence of my kid, but I got joint custody. At the time I was staying with my sister and paying for all expenses in the house (where my ex lives). Now I have a basement apartment five minutes from my house. My ex has been very careless and has actually written down that she wants me to spend less time with my kid and has made access "troublesome" despite the final order.
She has the option of buying me out of the house, and has offered me nothing. The order says to sell the house if we don't agree on price. She refuses, doesn't let me access the property, and has not paid mortgage, condo fees, etc. There are liens on the house now. I can't pay for the house any more because I give her her CS/SS. This money is more than enough to cover all that. I can't afford anything more.
I have to take her to court again. It will be our seventh time, and the first I initiate.
She is going on vacation without paying the mortgage!
I could get occupation rent, but do you think this decision would affect my "need" to go to court once more?
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