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I've self-represented twice, not by choice. I couldn't afford a lawyer and don't qualify for legal aid.
I've won both times, but the most recent results were really bizarre. I won my case but was punished by the Judge -- my ex was awarded costs to the tune of $2,500 (to be deducted from child support payments -- I don't know how THAT was supposed to benefit the kids) and I can't make a Motion without getting permission from the court first. We went straight from case conference #1 to trial. I was not advised that the scheduled settlement hearing had become a trial. There was something "fishy" about that.... Course the fact that my exes lawyer is also a Deputy Judge at the same courthouse might be a factor.
Anyway, yes it is time-consuming, but usually worth it in the end. You'll get varying degrees of help from courthouse staff, and this is a great place to visit -- Wish I'd known of it before I went to court the first time. :-)