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Default FRO - how does one send in ongoing "special expenses" claims?

Hi guys.
Hope everyone is doing well.

Thought I'd ask here, as FRO is taking weeks and weeks to respond.

Took them months to send me intake package, then when I sent them in the requested info, took them weeks to request the info I already sent them. sigh. Order was originally filed/sent to them March 2020. lol.

It's in the order that they are supposed to enforce the following "special expenses":
- uninsured medical/dental, etc...
- extra-curricular totalling over a certain set amount
- school expenses totally over a set amount
- such "further and other" expenses mutually agreed upon (ha!)

But my question is (already have same question out to FRO too, waiting on them to get back to me - you can't ever get a live person, you're forced to leave voice messages)... how does one send further expenses then? Has anyone else done that?

Being that it takes them months to even set this up, I imagine I will have further "expenses" to send them by then, to update more arrears.

I saw a "special expenses" form H, but the wording of their form, seemed to imply that was for when you're going to court. This would just be sending in new expenses/claims, for what would already be setup with them.

I'm guessing I just mail them the info and new receipts/statements every once in awhile, with my case number, and hope for the best?

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