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I have experience on this. A PC sounds like a great idea and in practice it works for some types of people. Your ex does not sound like one of those people.

Your ex very much sounds like they have a borderline personality disorder. This is their problem, not saying you don't have your issues (most people do).

Your ex has not progressed over many years so after a short time ask the Parenting Coordinator what their assessment is so far, what their qualifications and experience is with treating people with said disorder -you must have some idea what it is- if they have the credentials to treat someone with a disorder what the outlook is for the engagement.

Don't hold your breath on your ex improving through a Parenting Coordinator unless she manages to take control of him. It would be a lot like "the PC says to take care of her skin like this so that is what I am doing" - I understand that would be unethical.

You are right on the skin care being more about that you said how her skin should be treated someone else has to say it.

You need therapy for your daughter so she can learn how to deal with your ex. She will have to take care of her own skincare routine and stop relying on the parent. There will be more things. She needs to mature a little faster than her peers in this regard.

That is some amazing employment package. They have something for Parenting Coordinators or therapy?

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