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Originally Posted by rockscan View Post
Im wondering if there is a way to work with him where he feels hes in control. I know his behaviour is not right and that he is being a pain but since he is a control freak and probably feels he doesn�t have control over situations, perhaps there is a way to message the requests where he feels like its his decision?
I think there has to be. I think a lot of this stems from the fact that I have a lot of decision making authority over our daughter - and at the sessions he even tried to play stupid when our PC pointed out that her skincare is part of healthcare- and that our agreement says I have decision making power. She was gently telling him that is how the court operates- and he angrily replied that "No judge made that decision. We didn't go to court- so no judge decided that she has sole custody". Then the PC asked- did you agree to this settlement? And suggested he might want to speak to his lawyer about what it means. He's not stupid. He knows what it means.

Sometimes I do wonder how closely he read our agreement - which is based on my offer to settle.


(I don�t understand how any parent would want their child to suffer especially if they have the similar condition. You�re her fucking dad, take care of her skin. I mean, my dad took off, didnt care if we went hungry, was not at all concerned we might have to go into foster care but was actually really awesome about taking care of us when we had a health issue. Your ex is off the wall about this. )
I suspect it's less about not wanting to take care of her- and more about the fact that *I* said this is how her skin has to be cared for. He demanded a referral to a new dermatologist (her old one moved on from the practice). I asked her family doctor for referral to another dermatologist and he said "why? she doesn't have any current issues that need to be addressed"- and she doesn't. He fights me on everything.

Edited to add: In short- he will make decisions that are contrary to her well-being just to disagree with me. This is why I fought him for custody. I don't trust that he can make decisions in her best interest.

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