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Originally Posted by HonestHelp View Post
It is not a singular/personal belief though it is a religious sincerely held belief.
How would it be considered a singular belief if i have a religious leader who has personally endorsed a letter written to my employer?

Im not here to debate what is or isnt a belief. The human rights commission sees it as a personal belief because the majority of religious heads have endorsed vaccination. There are maybe three fringe groups that are against it and as a result the human rights tribunal does not see it as legit. There are plenty of catholics who have had their priest or the head of the regional catholic group sign forms and they are not upheld. I dont set their rules, Im simply saying they have already come out to say they do not hold it as anything but personal belief.

My statements are mainly to advise you that you will not get far in family court arguing your employer will not accommodate you or you have an undue hardship. The courts have already upheld vaccine policies in challenges and the human rights tribunal has stated they dont see it as requiring accommodation. Therefore you will be required to find an income for child support purposes.
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