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Originally Posted by rockscan View Post
The bigger question may be is this a need or a want.

Does kid NEED braces to function or is it a WANT for straight teeth?

If kid just wants braces then you could say no especially if it isnt covered by insurance.

Truly the onus would be on the recipient to prove it is a legit section 7 expense and then fight for the share. The other side would argue moms partner should have the kids on their benefits and the legal costs then outpace the braces.

Just my opinion though!

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yeah I feel the same way.. it's a want I am afraid that the mom is trying to get this rolling ASAP so that it does happen before CS is over.. which will most likely be very soon like in 5 months I mean it's not like there was a change to her teeth overnight plus, my ex called the dentist to ask their opinion etc.. and found out that they switched dentist and that she owes over $1,300 to the dentist!

but again, we are not saying no to his daughter but not right now and will need to see where things are at in 1 year
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