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Originally Posted by AlmostThere_Hopefully View Post
I have made 2 offers to settle. Other party didn't like either. Both I imputed myself more than $20k just to make the litigation end. The amount imputed was the exact amount that the other party wanted me imputed to and was also in their offer to settle, so in essence I agreed to that amount hoping things would end there. Other party didn't like either of my offers. Now says I should be making at least $50k more. Everybody disagrees and told them that. Other party says they are 100% sure a trial judge will impute me. Other party is a narcissistic control freak.
Why are you only imputing $20k annual income on yourself? Do you have a valid reason to not be earning a minimum wage living at the very least?

Why does the other party say you should be making $50k more? Did you used to work at a job where you earned this much? What sort of education do you have? If you do/did have the capacity to earn this much, why arent you anymore?

If the other party made an offer to settle based on an imputed income of $20k on you, why did you not accept it? What was different about your counter offer that caused the other party to turn it down?

A summary judgement is basically motioning for the judge to make a final order on any outstanding issues to avoid trial. You can only be granted a summary judgement if it is a VERY obvious decision, and the other party is wasting the courts time by taking it to trial.

Based on what you are saying, you dont have a good case for a summary judgement, and the other party may be right in refusing your offer to settle. Unless you have a very good reason to not be earning the income you are capable of, I would start thinking about making a more reasonable offer than imputing only $20k upon yourself
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