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Originally Posted by About_Time View Post
Just spoke to my lawyer on all this and it's grim news all around.

Although we doubt she'll get as much as she is asking for, I could still be on the hook for a sizable chunk of SS and it will likely be for a period of at least 3 years. The idea of continuing to pay her to sit on her butt and do nothing for the next 3 years of my life makes me sick to my stomach.

On the plus side, my lawyer thinks she can argue it down to the minimum in my range and she also is hopeful we can get a reduction in the amount of CS I'll be paying, which will in part help lighten the overall load. If she actually gets a job at some point or if I move back out on my own, I may be able to get a reduction as well, but I'll have to go through the courts to do so.

I'll probably have to relent to giving her decision-making powers with regards to the kids as well - at least temporarily until custody is determined. Of course, once SS starts rolling in and with the temp order in hand, the odds that she will grant me joint custody are as slim as the courts granting it to me.
When a spouse has primary residence for the children, it can affect the duration of the spousal support in a way you won't like, the argument being that the kids need their primary residence to be maintained via spousal support in addition to the child support.

You might be well advised to offer a little better than the minimum spousal support so that the judge sees you as being reasonable and therefore doesn't order to you to pay it for as long as the child support.