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Default Settlement Conference Question

So I got a call from my lawyer's office today asking for dates upon which they can book a settlement conference. They are not getting any response from the lawyer for the bio-father of my son, and very slow responses from my ex's legal aid lawyer. Their hope is that booking a settlement conference will get them of their butts to do something.

My concern however, is that I don't want to do another settlement conference at this stage. Each time we have one, it costs me over a grand in legal fees. My ex is on legal aid so the threat of a conference isn't exactly going to scare her into action. My fear is that setting the date may actually IMPEDE negotiations, because she'll just say "screw it, I'll wait until the conference and we'll deal with it there".

In my conversations with the ex, she seems more eager to get something settled because she needs money for school. It's not in her best interest to let this slide forever. My hope is that we can get most of the issues settled prior to any conference via negotiation, or else we are just going to have to be endlessly going to them forever. At the same time, we can't negotiate if they are dodging us.

I don't know - it's all very confusing. I'm not sure what the best strategy here is... opinions would be appreciated. The lawyer's office seemed adamant that this was the way to go, but it seems to me like we are provoking a fight with a glass jaw.