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Originally Posted by rockscan View Post
Has the equalization been paid out? Why was it not taken off that?
Oh my... well.. you know people who want to 'work things out' thinking that they can do this in an amicable way... well that is that.. so no... also the net for both is negative... when you consider everything... basically when the house sold, since she stayed in the house and paid down on the capital, she got the profit up to what she brought down the capital by since the date of the separation.. anything above would have been split 50/50 (but there was nothing left.. in fact they made only like $2000)...

In the agreement that they signed in front of witness and all (awaiting to file for divorce) it said that both parties agreed to take on their share of the LOC (even if a co-signee was required) and that it had to be done by end of august... My partner has been pre-approved pending her approval of her share but she comes up with every stupid excuse in the book...
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