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I send a message to my oldest song to let him know my gf was coming to do the pick up. As it was a last minute thing (not planned) the message was sent at time of pick up around 4h00 pm. Then, when he told my gf that his mother won't allow her to do the pick up, I forwarded a text message to my ex at 4h11 pm. I did not remember I did as I was told by her lawyer not to send her messages. But I did for good sake. It was very polite and direct to the point, only explaining the situation to accommodate and being logical. And I said "Thank you". She then replied to this text message.

Sorry, in my previous post, I thought she replied after I've sent a text message to my son but she did replied directly to my message. Of course, the best will be to ask in advance but logically, when something like this happen at the last minute and after explaining the situation the ex doesn't cooperate and still refuse, this is unreasonable. She knew all along that I was home and I would have 20 minutes of drive to do the pick up and then go back while my gf was already there. You see... while people think I am pushing the button... I must admit that my ex is standing on it all the time.

Good I did send a message to my ex. This is my evidence.
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