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TEC I really feel for you. I don't know anything about your paticular situation except what you've shared, but it sounds to me like she's blaming you so she can have a free pass for her behaviour. Its sad that we've turned into a society of "he started it"..maybe one day people can just be responsible for their own behaviours and stop trying to blame others and justify themselves because someone else did something. Unfortunately the days of personal responsibility are not here..maybe someday.

Regardless you have a whole other situation to deal with in regards to your children. If you can manage for your family to make it back to Canada and get established I would wait and then file for custody..whether it be joint custody or sole is entirely up to you. And as hard as it is don't let your anger and frustration at what a lousy wife she is colour your decision in regards to custody..she may suck at being a wife but that doesn't mean she can't be a good mother. Though at this time she doesn't seem to be able to put her childrens needs ahead of her own.

good luck to you.