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Default Separation proposal

I am wondering if anyone can give my some pointers on things to watch out for after reading this separation proposal.
Situation: I am living in the US with my wife and 2 girls 8 and 6. She wants a divorce and has found a new man down here but still lives in our home, going out all the time to be with him. We are moving back to our home in Canada in mid to late april this year and she is initiating a separation.

The plan:
She wants us all to live in our Canada home together and support each other while we get on our feet and established again.
All the while she is going to be trying every angle to get back into the US to work and live so she can be with her new man. This could take up to 2 years if she is even allowed to go back to the US.
If she is successful in returning to the US she wants to move down on her own, find work, buy a house, get established then wants me to send the girls down to live with her.
She doesn't want spousal support as she is her own woman, she doesn't want our home because it was my dream, only her share when I can manage it. The girls will be enrolled in a local french emmersion school when we get back to Canada so they could possibly have 2 years in that school and then I am supposed to hand them over to her in the US and I would only be able to see them once a year given my situation. I want joint custody when we return home and she is ok with that but seems to me a little leery about it.
Does anyone think she would be successful in getting custody of our kids in the US after them being in an established routine for 2 years?
Is there anything else I should be on the lookout for?
Any tips or advice would be appreciated