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Originally Posted by Tayken View Post
When the wolf really does come the person crying wolf could get killed.
I totally agree Tayken. Rather than allowing this kind of crap to be spewed there should be some sort of screening process to determine if there is any truth to the accusations. Perhaps mandate an assessment with an abuse counsellor and a lie detector (although this may come out lying for true victims because of the threat of punishment from their abuser). Or probably a full mental assessment of both parties to determine any issues.

I know those suggestions are intrusive, and may permanently damage one's reputation socially and even professionally. But when you are truly being abused, and nobody believes you becasue so many false allegations are out there, then submitting yourself to this kind of scrutiny would be much less damaging than the emotional turmoil of having your concerns brushed aside, your words claimed false, and having to suffer continual abuse even after escaping because the ex continues to abuse you using your child. I would be willing to do it.

Regardless, something has to be done.