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Originally Posted by Max22258 View Post
She settles her debt with the CRA this is not what I wanted to discuss here.
Why would you want to talk about your infractions? No surprise there.

Originally Posted by Max22258 View Post
And no it was not like the wild asumption and calculation made here without knowing a single thing about how much we made etc.... .
A wild assumption? I don't think so.

If she filed single and claimed the eligible dependant amount, I can be sure that you two ripped off taxpayers of this country for $15,000 over 10 years. And if she received any CTB payments (that would be a yes unless her income alone was greater than around $80K/year) at all over 10 years you were together, then you two further ripped us all off by failing to include the effect of your income.

Originally Posted by Max22258 View Post
The income tax is not an issue here, the issues was wheter or not someone could claim survivor benefit after separation.
How many times must you have it beat into you? Notwithstanding that a judge wrote it into an order (probably for some other purpose e.g. health insurance benefits) you were not common-law partners at the time of her death. Sorry about your luck.