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Originally Posted by arabian View Post
I have a few questions.

How did your husband deplete equity in the home without your signature/knowledge? You indicate it was a home previously owned by family member. Was it transferred to your husband's name only? If so, why?

How do you know there is no equity in the home? If that is the case why would your husband's lawyer want to sell the home? This tells me that the home is in both of your names. Correct?

End of marriage typically means that both parties have to reduce their standard of living. Exception to this is if you have mega bucks. You indicate that you only work part time and are in your mid-60's? Your husband is now over 65. Is he still employed?

You need to hire a lawyer. You need to do what is called "equalization" and exchange financials.

I wouldn't waste any more time on getting estimates for home repair unless you know that you can afford to pay for it.

Living beyond one's means is what it sounds like you are doing now. You need to scale down your aspirations and face reality. Your lawyer will help you do that. Sadly, any equity in the home (if there is any) will end up going to lawyers. If your husband is currently still employed you may be able to establish entitlement to Spousal Support.
Yes I did sign for refinancing mortgage. My husband had only computer in home and I trusted that he was taking care of things. I did try and use the computer but everytime I did the computer would lock up and after several attempts I finally just let him take care of the banking as I was busy taking care of the family including his father and wife. I am now more computer savy but only have a cell phone to work with. I found out he had other credit cards and bank accounts after he left. When I tried qualifying for mortgage I had home appraisals done. It came in 20k more than what we owed on it. So because of the repairs needed I believe there will be no equity in the home. Yes both our names on mortgage.
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