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Default The Concept: Standard of living

Hi all,

I've been all over the web trying to figure out how the concept of standard of living works. More specifically, how it relates to my case.

As some of you know, I took a job 8 months after I seperated from my wife and this job pays very well. However, my entire marriage (17 years) I made about one third of this amount and my stbx refused to work the entire time thus causing us considerable financial strain and leaving us in debt 70 grand.

Now the stbx is asking for amounts which, when coupled with my child support of $808/month, would leave her with almost equal to what I net each month. I also have a cost of living which is at least 3 times higher than hers. I simply don't understand why her lawyer wanted my last 3 years of income tax assessment. The last 3 years clearly show that I made about 30 grand/yr . How is it that she can benefit from my NEW salary. She would actually be better off now ( if she wins her case) than she was when we were together! Does this mean that if I won the lottery of, lets say two million dollars, that she would get to live like a millionaire even though I won the money AFTER we separated?

Anyone? Can't seem to find out anything about this!