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I'd like to agree with you Rockscan, but it really hasn't been my experience so far throughout the various motions I've been involved in.

Blatant lies are often accepted as fact, this is the general consensus from many of us on here who've been through the system. This seems to be rampant and there are no consequences. I have a moral problem and won't go to that level, so is it a level playing field? There needs to be severe penalties for perjury, regardless otherwise this system is a farce.

And yes, I blame the courts for accepting this as status quo. I expect more from the people entrusted in this position and they are MY Tax dollars.

In family law, you have 2 options.

1) Pay up, even if it's un-reasonable
2) Fight it, pay huge legal fees and face Costs if in-successful

In a non-court scenario, you would call this extortion but we paint this as "collaborative family law".

I know it's a rant and my opinion but I wouldn't call it justice.

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