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Originally Posted by Janus View Post

My minor bias is that my ex claimed (in writing and in person) that I was incapable of being a parent. Meanwhile, since then, I've dealt with over 90% (close to 100%) of dental, medical, or school issues. The parenting stuff. So, any time someone says "my ex can't parent" I'm always a bit skeptical... Parenting is not an inherent ability, it is a learned skill.
I'm going to out myself on this- and admit that I straight up did the same shit. My answer to the ex's application was basically "you're a horrible person for X, Y, and Z...AND you can't parent worth a damn". I've since dropped the second part. People get angry- and let's be real- women often do the majority of parenting when the kids are little. When I separated I was pissed that I did all the heavy lifting and then my ex came in with "but I'm really involved." I've since moved on...and you're 100% right that it's a learned skill.
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