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Originally Posted by Ange71727 View Post
Did you even read this post??
Just because I have more than 60% it doesnít mean I am not entitled to communication with my kids.

I think it is telling that you describe the situation in terms of your entitlements.

But thatís ok? Because she should forget about her mother because the timesharing isnít equal?
In what world is "not texting" equivalent to "forgetting about her mother"? Save the hyperbole for your sympathetic mommy groups, it doesn't work on me.

Give your head a shake Janus.
I am shaking my head, mostly at the fact that the forum didn't come down hard on a mother who insists on helicoptering her kid during the father's restricted time with the child.

I canít wait to hear how you will spin that one in their dadís favour though.
To be clear, I think the father is wrong. He should let your kids text you. However, that is his decision to make, not yours. The father gets to decide how his kids spend their time during his parenting time. That is the quintessential parenting duty after all...
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