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I agree with everyone... I guess our biggest issue is what to do with the kids. The meeting location is about half hour for us and 45min for her. I don't see how we can drop the kids with her and say goodbye... Feels as though we are leaving them in a situation they shouldn't have to be in. She just bought this car brand new 2 years ago so she doesn't have an old vehicle. We did 8 months of driving both ways a couple years ago when she was in a car accident, totalled her van and broke her leg in several places, she still attempts to get out of meeting us from time to time so offering the ride is just setting us up for more of that.

Mess you are right, we never should have been billed and I know if I told my friend that she was refusing to pay he would take it off my bill, $50 is nothing because she would be paying a lot more than that for a tow truck. But next time we will let her figure it out. We will just have to stand our ground and let her know she needs to figure it out on her own.

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