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As an aside, I had sent him this suggestion in September 2010 that he never responded to:

Please keep in mind that I don't have legal input on this, so I have no idea if it was realistic, but the visitation arrangements that I had made more sense to me because they were more detailed. I don't know if I was wrong on any of it though. I had also suggested less for child support at the time because he wasn't paying, but if he's willing to follow the tables, I'll go with that.

We, MY NAME, (mother), and EX NAME, (father), as fit and loving parents have reached agreement on a parenting plan for our children, SON 1 and SON 2, born DATE and DATE, respectively.
We have developed this parenting agreement in good faith and on behalf of the best interests of our children.

We agree that MY NAME, (mother) shall be the primary residential parent for our children. We agree to joint legal custody of SON 1 and SON 2. All major decisions affecting their growth, health, education, welfare, and development shall be made jointly by us. If emergency medical treatment shall be required, the parent having care of the child(ren) at the time may arrange for treatment but shall notify the other parent as soon as possible.
We agree to consult with one another on all important school issues and events such as parent-teacher conferences and to jointly decide on changes of school curriculum, enrolment in extracurricular activities and attendance or participation in special school events.

We agree that during the school year, which shall run from September to June, SON 1 and SON 2 will visit their father every March Break Holiday and for one week during Christmas Holidays. We further agree that the week of Christmas Holidays shall alternate each year.
We agree that during the summer holidays, which shall run from July through August, SON 1 and SON 2 will visit their father every for one month and that on even-numbered years their mother will have custody during July and their father will have custody during August, and that on odd-numbered years their father will have custody during July and their mother will have custody during August. We further agree that exceptions can be made jointly between both parents to the July-August rotation to accommodate special events and/or work schedules.
We agree to be flexible with our school year and summer visitation schedule and that changes/revisions to the schedule will be by mutual consent and with a minimum of thirty (30) days advance notice. Regardless of which parent our child(ren) are scheduled to visit during their vacations, we agree to adjust our respective plans to accommodate any activities our child(ren) are involved in. We agree to modify/rearrange our respective visitation schedules for visits by out-of-area relatives including grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins.

Parenting Decisions
Responsibility for day-to-day parenting decisions will rest with the parent with whom the child is then residing, including vacation and holiday parenting. Examples of parental day-to-day decisions include treatment of minor health problems and injuries, diet, television, house rules and discipline, bedtime, etc. Mother and Father will ensure that SON 1 and SON 2's school books, book bag, lunch and sports equipment (as required) will be given to them when they visit the other parent.
On all other significant matters involving the children, we agree to consult with each other always taking account of the children's best interests.
We agree that if one of us is unable to take care of our children, we shall notify the other parent so that parent has the option of providing for the personal care of our children, rather than a third party.
We agree to notify each other of any out-area trips with the children including destination and duration of the visit.

Family Communications
We agree that the non-residential parent has the right to unlimited conversation on the telephone and Internet with the children without interference from the residential parent at all reasonable times and places.
We agree to provide each other with residential and office phone numbers and to notify one another immediately if these numbers are changed.
We agree that both parents shall have the right to complete information from any physician, dentist, consultant or specialist attending to the child(ren)'s physical or mental needs for any reasons whatsoever, and to copies of any reports given to the other parent by such persons.
We agree that neither party shall obstruct the development and maintenance of love and affection between the children and the other party. Neither will interfere with reasonable and proper companionship with the other party, including reasonable communication by telephone or writing. Neither will do or say anything that may estrange the children from the other parent.
This parenting plan was developed by us in furtherance of our children's best interests.

Child Support Payments
We agree that the father will make monthly payments totaling $50.00 into an account for SON 1 and SON 2, and that this account will serve as an education fund for the children and will act as child support payments. We agree that this amount can be changed according to income level and determined by mutual consent.

Major Dispute/Changes in Circumstances
In the event of a major dispute or change in circumstances regarding the terms of this parenting plan, we agree to turn to mediation in an attempt to modify the plan either through a court appointed mediator or a private mediator of our own choosing before bringing any action before the court.

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