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I think that he took this from a basic template for the most part, but I am not sure where exactly he made changes and I am just hoping to clarify a couple of things.

One is that it says primary residence is responsible for all extra costs, but wouldn't things like day care, extra curricular activities (unless he didn't agree to enrol them), education, medical expenses not covered by benefits - that sort of thing be paid for evenly by both parents? Or am I confused about that?

Also, where it says that the children can choose their primary residence when they are mature enough - should there be some indication of what constitutes mature enough, or is that okay? Neither of us are versed in the law.

Where it says visitation is not limited to the outlined time, should there be some stipulation that changes/additions should be agreed upon ahead of time - or does that mean he can just show up to pick them up even if they have something going on that particular weekend?

It says we both give each other our tax assessments - do I give him mine even if I am not paying child support? Do we need just our income or our family income?

I just want an agreement to really make things clear, and not more complicated or confusing than they already are. Is there anything else that I should be looking at here?