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Sorry, I don't quite understand what you mean by disclosure and further protection? They take the stand that they are there to represent the chlldren's best interests and the fact that one party is uncooperative means both parties are involved in a dispute that harms the children. Absent me just giving my daughter back to them and realizing I will never see or hear from her, I am pretty powerless.

I have given up on any further motions; I have brought the matter before the courts on one too many occasions without any resolve nor any judge willing to impose sanctions against my ex for contempt of the existing court orders. Each time I have been before the courts, I have presented reasonable settlement offers with explicit details reqarding access, communication etc. He has failed to follow any order and no judge has imposed costs or sanctions for his failure to follow the orders. An Order is only as good as the ability to enforce it and anyone who has been through our family justice system knows that it has no teeth to sanction a person to follow an order. In my experience, I either choose to bring the matter before the courts AGAIN, go further in debt, adding to the stress or I try my best to live my life without harm to my children. I can only control my own actions.