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Originally Posted by billiechic View Post
Standing, she was referring to me. She is claiming that I have called her names when I did not. I have sent PMs to her to address the problem, and then she posts misinformation about what I wrote to her. THat is not right, and certainly untrue.

For this reason I am going to post the PMs that I sent to her. I will not post her responses though. I know it is probably against the rules of this forum, so I may be banned. I don't care. I have PMed both Jeff and LV asking them to intervene and have not recieved much help. Not even a PM explaining what I have done wrong here.

This woman is slandering me and using every post I make against me, all because I posted that women who aren't abused should not use services at womens shelters because they are meant for abused women. She is taking all of this way too personally. I am not the only person fed up with her behaviour. If I have to take the punishment, so be it.
Billiechic.... just ignore the problem. Don't respond, don't communicate, don't get dragged into it. End it now, and call it a day. Save yourself your sanity. No need to explain yourself or defend yourself. We can all read all the posts.