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Im telling you all that these women are simply control freaks who are also trolling you.

They didn’t get what they wanted in court the other day so now they are determined to push themselves into everything possible as a way to fuck with you.

Ask yourself this—can you prove that you did enough to ensure they had the info? If the answer is yes then stop worrying about it. Who cares if these people are on apps, sending emails or going to the school? Are you angry because they are pushy and controlling? If yes then take a deep breath. If you get rattled by someone as insecure as your ex’s new partner then you have lost focus.

They are only doing this to say “we had to go and get it from the school ourselves”. The judge will say “so”?

Let them get the info. Let dad show up. You can’t argue dad doesn’t take an interest and then get angry when his gf forces him to do so. It is not going to have an impact on your case. Getting info from the school is not a material change.

In other words, let it go. Ignore. Move on. Find something else to do. Laugh at their stupidity.
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