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Originally Posted by OpenSesame View Post
Is best interests not governed by the principle of "maximum contact"?
Maximum contact that would be in the best interests of the child.

Reading between the lines... maximum contact is not really a thing. In practice judges usually find that for kids who are not failing out of school, maintaining the status quo is usually a good option and in the best interests of the kid.

Even when the custodial parent sucks, judges still like to keep kids with their habitual parent.

Somewhere along this journey that came up so I have been operating under the assumption that the courts believe it is in the best interests of the children to maximize contact with both parents, so long as there is no impediment (i.e. they're both good citizens, live reasonably close, etc.). Am I wrong in thinking that?
The government had an opportunity a couple years ago to pass a law that would have created a rebuttable presumption of shared parenting. They did not pass the bill. In fact, it died very quickly and never came even remotely close to being passed.

What you are saying represents what family law should be, but not what it is.

She has actually just capitulated
Don't get too excited. He hasn't even reached the "normal" non-custodial parent plateau yet of every other weekend. Expect one more "capitulation" (Fri-Sun) and then to hit a brick wall.
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