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Originally Posted by rockscan View Post
Is there any danger he may take physical action toward you at this time outside of the report? That is my concern right now. Retaliation.
It's my concern right now as well. My bigger concern is his mental state and if he decides to do something to himself- and our daughter. His sister is still the supervisor. I have some concerns there...I've contacted our co-parent therapist and my therapist for some guidance- on what I can do to ensure she's safe when she goes for her visits.

As for me- yes, I'm afraid. The OCL made it a point to note that there is a still a risk to me- there are high indicators. I always sort of knew it- but I am hoping they are just being overly cautious. Right now I have to decide whether I bring this issue with me to my new place of employment and do the safety planning. I did at my last workplace- it sucks because it definitely affects the way upper management views you. He's never shown up at my workplace before and never has done the following/stalking thing...I have a safety plan at home with my parents (where we currently live).
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